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Bringing DDoS protection to the masses.

Protecting thousands of players through a global, redundant, anycasted mitigation network.

trusted by the biggest of the biggest

MC Manhunt

600+ Average Players

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Bedwars Practice

1600+ Average Players

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with features you can count on

fully anycasted network

Give your players the experience they deserve with incredibly low latency, on a global scale.

incredibly powerful mitigation

With mitigation options from some of the world's best, we'll keep your server up. Every time.

top class l7 filtering

Using advanced methods we'll keep application-specific attacks at bay.

fully redundant

Even if our proxy goes down we'll redirect all your traffic through the next available one within a matter of seconds.

all-inclusive support

Whenever you have an issue, you can count on our team to help your out with your issue - from start to finish.

load balanced

We route all your traffic through different, load balanced, servers to make sure none of it causes you any trouble.

what are you waiting for?

what does it actually do?


protects your server from attacks

Dediguard's Edge Protection distributes the load across a global anycast network and filters incoming malicious traffic.


hides your server's backend address

When using Dediguard Edge Protection, all traffic is proxied to your backend server, effectively hiding it from end-users.


lowers latency to your backend

Dediguard Edge Protection uses an anycasted edge proxy-network to lower latency between us and your backend.